Belize 2012

On June 8, 2012, the Club embarked on our maiden dive trip to Belize for a week aboard the Belize Aggressor III. Thanks to Bob T’s early planning we rented the whole boat so the week-long adventure was with familiar faces (well most of them)! The group gladly included a few friends and business associates of some of the Club members and they were more than welcomed! 

On board were club members that were making their first open water dive and others with so many dives they’d stopped counting. We even had a couple of folks that came just to hang out with the crowd.  

During the week we laughed, we ate a huge amount of yummy food and enjoyed awesome dive sights. Turtles, tarpon, lobster and shark were seen daily and the visibility was excellent. During one of the open water crossings we were visited by a pod of dolphin so the skipper stopped the boat to give us a chance to swim with the pod. The dolphin were gone as fast as they arrived but it was fun to briefly be in the water with them! Throughout the week all the crewmembers were outstanding and they were always willing to offer diving techniques and photographic tips to those asking. We had five or six photographers in the group so underwater shots and critter captures were part of the nightly discussions.

Entertainment throughout the week came easy (usually at someone’s expense!) At one point we enjoyed watching Bob T take a warm after-dive shower on the dive platform as the skipper added soap to the water above Bob’s head. Bob’s eyes were closed so he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t able to wash off all the soap! It was fun to see Bob’s reaction once he figured out something wasn’t quite right. 

Our last night on the Aggressor was spent back in Belize watching the sun set as we enjoyed a great party from the crew. It gave us a chance to enjoy wonderfully grilled food and local wine while we had time for photo ops. Needless to say the week was exceptional and we look forward to returning.

submitted by P. Trull